Thank you for visiting my web site as I embark on my publishing debut with Tatiana and the Russian Wolves. Today’s headlines have prompted a renewed interest in Russia; the back story’s characters, plot development, and themes are distinctly Russian. The fulcrum between the back and primary stories includes Tatiana’s secrets and Alexander’s attempts to unravel them.

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Stephen's Bio

Stephen Jordan’s fiction is inspired from living overseas combined with a passion for history. He grew up in the Napa Valley in the 1950s in a family of readers—conversations often centered on books. Of his parents’ gifts, love of literature is his most cherished. Stephen discovered art history at Stanford and considered a career in the arts. He opted instead for international banking—with assignments in Southeast Asia and Africa. His short stories have been published in Ireland and in online journals. Stephen and his wife, Susan, reside in Elmhurst—just west of Chicago—with their cats Lucy and Muffin.


"Jordan’s book shines … the narrative should leave readers curious about the fates of the people Alexander meets on his serpentine journey."

–– Kirkus Reviews


Insanity had stalked Tatiana since the Russian Revolution. Fearing his mother’s legacy of madness, Alexander Romanovsky must unravel her shadowy past in this psychological thriller.  Will he too succumb to the Russian wolves?


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