“Jordan’s book shines when offering intriguing facets of the cultures and characters that Alexander encounters. Lively details include Russian traditions such as an Eastern Orthodox Easter and the inherently odd juxtaposition of a boy with Russian roots growing up in California … this multicultural tale creates a complex web of relationships … the narrative should leave readers curious about the fates of the people Alexander meets on his serpentine journey.” –– Kirkus Reviews


“There is, for me, a first test of any novel. Do I want to turn to the next page and keep reading it? After reading the first 83 pages of Tatiana and the Russian Wolves, I can say 'Stephen Evans Jordan knows how to write and how to tell a story.'” –– Jim Lehrer, journalist, author, and former news anchor of PBS NewsHour


“It is amazing to read Jordan’s story. He has a way of describing complex relationships that blows your mind and imagination. It is fantastic that Alexander gets a second chance on love which he deserves.” –– Jacqueline Ang, NetGalley Reviews (RATING: 5 out of 5 stars)

“To me this was nice and so interesting trip to Russia with this book … quite emotional trip to Russia. I have half of my family from Russia. Positive thing was that there was some Russian comment/proverb which makes this book more like Russian than if the only language is English … there is something magical and mystical. To me it is like to coming home after long trip. I hope that someday we see this translated also in Finnish. Many thanks for this amazing book. Cпасибо.” –– Sari Koskinen, NetGalley Reviews (RATING: 5 out of 5 stars)

This debut novel by a delightful short story writer is set against a striking backdrop: "In my young mind's eye, Russia became a supernatural force in a woman's form--with a troubled past and the darkest of secrets."

Tatiana, the protagonist Alexander's late mother, was a Russian emigre who died a suicide with several troubling secrets. Even as he pursues a glamorous international banking career, he cannot avoid encounters with her past which begin to turn his life into a dizzying spiral of questions.

The scene is largely the San Francisco of the 1980s, with many touches of that still Cold War era. Highly recommended! –– Elias Crim (4 stars on Goodreads)

And here are some reviews from Amazon:

This offering is really well written and I could not put it down. The plot was alluring and the characters were flawed but likable and there were strong hints of realism and at times felt like a drama. What makes this book wonderful is the author's style and command of the language. So much emotional tension and keen description with an economy of words. It is magical.

Philip O'Rourke - Gave a ★★★★★ review

“Alexander Romanovsky embodies all the tensions in 1980s America--venal and self-serving business people, high-society aesthetes, goodhearted and faithful friends, greedy and jealous relatives, complex love interests along every phase of the spectrum, international intrigue, the fallout from past wars. As Alexander careens through the unexpected twists in his life's trajectory, he uncovers for himself (and for his readers) the layers of his psyche, past and present, ultimately finding what he was looking for by acknowledging what was in front of him all along. Like a David Copperfield or a Pip, this complicated hero narrates in diary-like fashion his process of self-discovery over the course of four and a half tumultuous years. In the process he draws us along through vivid descriptions of his native San Francisco and its people, their houses and offices, their fashion, their food, their foibles.”

TomM - Gave a ★★★★ review

“Overall, I really enjoyed the book and once I got started after trying to remember which character was which with their complicated Russian names, I could hardly stop reading it. This story would make a wonderful movie!

My one criticism is that much of the dialog contained esoteric vocabulary that prevented the conversation from sounding natural, at least to my ears. Too many trips to the dictionary!

All in all, definitely worth a read!”

Anonymous Amazon Kindle Review - Gave a ★★★★ review

“A good read! I was captivated by the prologue and it kept my interest to the end. It's an interesting story with intriguing characters.

It's an impressive first novel. I look forward to more.”

Anonymous Amazon Kindle Review - Gave a ★★★★★ review

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